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our mission is to celebrate the fusion of Latin culture and electronic dance, creating a movement that transcends borders, and captivates hearts in the process.



We ignite a thriving global community with every beat, giving artists and fans the ability to completely submerge themselves in the pulsating world of Latin electronic dance.

We are the driving force behind this ever-evolving movement, which aims to elevate and bring people together through the promotion of forward-thinking sound and experiences. We foster an environment that is conducive to the growth of creativity and inspiration by cultivating connections between people who share similar values, thereby bridging the gap between established legends and rising talent. We are the spark that ignites a raging revolution, and we are unrelentingly committed to showcasing the singular and diverse voices that define Latin electronic dance.

As a platform that is breaking new ground, we are dedicated to giving our audience unrivaled, in-depth coverage of the most electrifying events, interviews, streams and mixes, sparking conversations that will help shape the scene's future. We are recognized as the most credible and genuine voice of Latin electronic dance thanks to our unyielding enthusiasm for telling stories and our painstaking curation of the newest music.

The transformative potential that music possesses is vividly on display in our thriving community. We are the ember that kindles the blaze, the beat that propels the movement, and the heart that pumps in time with the rest of our Latin electronic dance family. Together, we recognize the significance of culture, the enchantment of human interaction, and the exhilaration of moving our bodies to the rhythm of the music in order to leave a legacy that will shine brightly for future generations.

meet the selector


Since he began his career as a DJ and producer more than 15 years ago, Dom Sabio has been an active participant in the music culture of Los Angeles. 


Whether it be through genre-bending DJ mixes, meticulous workflow in the studio, or event production for the city's most respectable nightlife and hospitality groups, he aims to stimulate the senses in every way. 


Sabio has worked as Music Director and Resident DJ for some of the most well-known companies in the Los Angeles & World, including Exchange LA, sbe Nightlife Group, and Sydell Group. 


Through his creation of "Rinse," the city of Palm Spring’s most popular weekly pool party series, which takes place at The Saguaro Hotel, Sabio has established himself as an essential component of the expanding California desert music community. Sabio's ability to read and command a crowd has earned him the chance to support some of the top names in international dance music, including Dom Dolla, Vintage Culture, Claude VonStroke, Sasha, Adam Beyer, Morgan Page, Crookers, and Justin Martin, to name just a few. 


Tune in for weekly Dom Sabio mixes or catch him live at either of his co-owned nightlife venues Xelas & Nativo - where he is joined by a team of talented Los Angeles artists in the heart of LA's most culturally driven communities that have since become must-visit destinations for the dance community.


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