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serving up

Newestra delivers  industry news, original mixes, live streams and events throughout Southern California. Let's run one together - contact us today!

original mix shows

Immerse yourself in captivating and unique musical experiences with our original mixed shows. Our skilled DJs and music curators craft meticulously curated mixes that blend various genres, styles, and eras seamlessly, taking you on a dynamic and immersive sonic journey that will leave you inspired and entertained.

EVENT PROduction

 With our expertise in event production, we handle every aspect, including sound engineering, stage setup, lighting design, and talent coordination, ensuring a seamless and exceptional event that leaves a lasting impression.

artist features

Discover exciting opportunities and elevate your music career with our Artist Features service. Collaborate with talented musicians, vocalists, and performers to be featured in our curated releases and live performances, gaining exposure and reaching a broader audience.

booking & partnerships

We specialize in connecting talented artists with exciting opportunities for live performances, gigs, and events. Our extensive network and industry expertise allow us to secure bookings and negotiate partnership deals that elevate your career and expand your reach in the music industry, opening doors to new audiences and collaborations.

want to collaborate with NEWESTRA? send us your WILDEST ideas.

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