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Newestra Radio 06.12.2023

Newestra Radio - Tracklist 06.12.2023

Talkin' Jack - Harry Romero
Side of Soul - Jaegerossa
All Things Go - Emanuel Satie
Personal Paradise - Steve Robinson (UK)
LoveCrime - DIMMISH
Face in the Crowd - Sam Divine & Hayley May
Return To The Classic (Jo Paciello Deep Mix) - The Kollective
I Get High! - Saliva Commandos
Let's Really Have Some Fun feat. Amelia Fox - Faithless, R Plus
Growth - Nala
NO8DO - Mochakk, Fernanda Ouro
Provenance - MANT, Todd Edwards
I Want You - Nic Fanciulli, Butch

The current edition of Newestra Radio has your inimitable host Dom Sabio mixing a variety of lively tunes in a power-packed hour. "Talkin' Jack" by Harry Romero and Jaegerossa's "Side of Soul" open the celebration.

Before Steve Robinson (UKcheery )'s "Personal Paradise," Emanuel Satie's mesmerizing "All Things Go" adds curiosity. DIMMISH's "LoveCrime" bassline prepares you to embrace your dark side before Sam Divine & Hayley May's soulful "Face in the Crowd" touches every heart in the house.

Jo Paciello's deep mix of The Kollective's "Back To The Classic" is followed by Saliva Commandos' pulsing "I Got High!" Faithless, R Plus, and Amelia Fox collaborate on "Let's Actually Have Some Fun," proving that things can get better.

Nala's "Growth" leads to Mochakk and Fernanda Ouro's "NO8DO" with its wild rhythms. MANT and Todd Edwards' immersive "Provenance" closes the mix.

"I Want You" by Nic Fanciulli and Butch ends Sabio's musical rollercoaster, leaving listeners wanting more. This current episode showcases Sabio's varied musical taste and ability to combine tunes. Newestra Radio is the party, so tune in, get into the groove, and let Dom Sabio lead!
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