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Diplo's popularity is well-deserved. The Grammy-winning DJ, producer, and composer always produces memorable performances. Diplo performed at Club Space in Miami four weeks ago.

Club Space was the ideal place to dance the night away among Miami's lively nightlife. The atmosphere was electrified when Diplo performed. His first beats set the stage for a magical night.

Diplo's diverse style delivered. He seamlessly switched between house, techno, dancehall, and EDM, taking the audience on a musical trip. This set showcased his unmatched ability to mix beats, rhythms, and melodies from many genres.

"Where Are Ü Now" and "Lean On" were early chart-toppers for Diplo. The audience sang every word and danced to the rhythms. Diplo's concert wasn't all about his hits. He showed off his expanding musical approach with new songs and remixes.

Diplo's combination of old songs with modern rhythms was intriguing. He mixed old and new songs to please the audience. This mix of old and modern moved the crowd, turning the night into a musical adventure.

Diplo energized Club Space. Every rhythm and transition showed his personality and enthusiasm for music. That was more than a DJ set—it captured the room.

When the sun rose, Diplo surprised again. Diplo played a captivating deep house performance as the sun rose through the club's windows. Only music can bring people together.

Diplo's DJ performance at Club Space in Miami showcased his musical skill and impact. Diplo's beats brought music, community, and Miami's nightlife together for an unforgettable night.

When the sun rose and the show ended, Diplo proved again why he is an electronic music giant. That was a night to remember.


00:00 Stop Posing - Ragie Ban & Duarte

03:24 Kiss - BASZHKZIR

06:43 Coco Chanel (tech Rave) - Remix - Verdun Remix & Derkonmissar

10:23 Your Love - The Outfield

13:06 White Rabbit (Kaz James & Nick Morgan Remix)

17:20 Ashee - Sisqo mixed with Bad and Boujie - Migos at 18:00

21:10 Raw - Tony Romera Remix mixed with Calabria 2008 - Natsja at 21:23

24:06 Express Yourself - Diplo ID Remix?

27:03 Yeah the Girls - FISHER ft MERYLL

30:03 - Push To Start vs. Get Busy - Noizu & Westend vs. Sean Paul (WeDamnz Mashup)

33:57 Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode

37:02 Is U - Overmono

40:40 Take off everything - Dwells (nimino remix) Kendrick Lamar with Radiohead

43:56 Ice Spice - In Ha Mood (O'Flynn Remix)

46:42 MK - Rhyme Dust (Major Lazer Remix)

53:00 Raggaman Extended mix - Del 30

56:42 Rock The Casbah - Vintage Culture mixed with Abracadabra - Pepsy Star at 57:11

1:00:02 Brazoliah - Saliva Commandos

1:02:00 - Da Hool meet her at the Love Parade (Background till 01:02:45)

1:05:47 O Tamborzão Parou vs Ritmo do Pam Pam - DJ Jeeh FDC

1:06:20 Rihanna - Rude Boy (Klean Remix)

1:07:44 Liszt/Paganini - La Campanella x Baby Keem/Kendrick Lamar - family ties

1:10:08 Homework - I'm into this (ID)

1:14:39 Ragie Ban - My Bank

1:24:30 Tove Lo - Habits (ID)

1:30:20 Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There (ID)

1:34:05 Diplo & Miguel - Don't Forget My Love (CID Remix)

1:36:15 Lumidee - Never Leave You (ID)

1:41:25 702 - You Don't Know (ID)

1:45:30 Lose Control - James Hype

2:01:39 Lift it Up- Dj Fudge

2:06:28 DMX Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind

2:07:20 Mau P - Gimme That Bounce

02:23:00 Rise - Calamar Crew & Mr. Brightside - The Killers - A cappella

02:26:30 My Love - Route 94 A cappella & Rain - Moojo (unreleased ID?)

02:29:30 Yes Indeed A capella mixed w/ the above - Lil Baby & Aubrey Graham

02:31:35 I Fall Apart (Andre Longo Remix) - Post Malone

02:36:44 Sol - Pryda & Work - Kevin McKay - A cappella

02:39:30 Edge of Seventeen - Wuki

02:42:42 Sorry - BLOND:ISH

02:45:31 Take Me Away Vs. Hotel Room Service - Acraze vs. Pitbull (WeDamnz Mashup)

02:49:49 Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye (Remix ID?)


Diplo's popularity is well-deserved. The Grammy-winning DJ, producer, and composer always produces memorable performances. Diplo performed at Club Space in Miami four weeks ago.


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