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Unforgettable Sonic Magic: Gorgon City's Brooklyn Mirage DJ Set

Few locations can capture a performance like the Brooklyn Mirage. This multi-level outdoor club is a NYC nightlife staple for immersive presentations and epic parties. Gorgon City, a UK dance music duo, recently DJed there. The night's music appeared to resonate through the city's heart.

The Brooklyn Mirage buzzed with anticipation after dark. Gorgon City fans gathered beneath the stars, excited for the next aural voyage.

Gorgon City, Kye "Foamo" Gibbon and Matt "RackNRuin" Robson-Scott, delivered. The two dominated the stage from the start, balancing the Brooklyn Mirage's stunning architecture with their mesmerizing sounds.

Their classic songs started the show, establishing a nostalgic tone. "Ready For Your Love" and "Go All Night" had the audience dancing to the bass-driven tunes.

The pair played deep house, UK garage, and bass-driven dance floor songs as the concert proceeded. The audience enjoyed their new record and other recent releases. Each new tune appeared to create an ethereal experience, helping the audience feel a shared feeling of euphoria and oneness via music.

Gorgon City's crowd-reading skills stood out. The pair easily connected with the crowd. After the high-energy songs, the calmer, more ethereal music showed this profound involvement.

Performance visuals were crucial. A magnificent light display whirled and surged with each beat, bathing the crowd in a rainbow of colors. Pyrotechnics enhanced musical moments.

Their current hit's live performance was a highlight. Gorgon City's musical impact was evident as the audience started singing along to the opening chords. This was more than a DJ set—it was a musical journey that brought the performers and audience closer.

Gorgon City's most famous hymn ended the show, leaving the crowd satisfied. Once the music ended, the crowd's shouts and applause echoed.

Gorgon City's Brooklyn Mirage DJ performance was unearthly. It showcased their talent, progress, and influence on electronic music. The night captured the spirit of shared musical experience.

Gorgon City created an unforgettable night in Brooklyn under a sea of stars. This DJ set established a new benchmark for electronic music performances.


00:00 Gorgon City ft Santino Le Saint - Gasoline

4:36 Super Flu - We You

9:11 REIGN - The Light

12:55 Gorgon City & Nez - Pose

16:14 Sofi Tukker & Gorgon City - House Arrest

20:08 Joshwa - Bass Go Boom

24:48 Cajmere ft Dajae - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)

29:16 John Summit ft Hayla - Where You Are (Gorgon City Remix)

34:42 Airwolf Paradise ft Paul Johnson - Only Man

38:42 Dompe - Hard Life

41:26 Gorgon City ft Flirta D - Sidewindah

45:24 Azzecca - Ascent

50:20 Gorgon City - ID

54:06 Digga D - Energy (Gorgon City Remix)

58:50 Gorgon City - Lick Shot

1:02:47 Gorgon City & Drama - You've Done Enough

1:06:33 Duke Dumont x Gorgon City ft Naations - Real Life

1:09:56 Belocca - Chemical Substance

1:14:50 Chris Lorenzo - Pump

1:19:29 Gorgon City - Voodoo

1:24:12 ID - ID

1:28:25 Azzecca - Other Side

1:33:17 Gorgon City - Lost Feelings

1:37:02 PAX & Gorgon City - Alive

1:42:54 Gorgon City - Should've Known

1:46:30 Ben Kim - Somebody To Love (Gorgon City Remix)

1:52:30 Gorgon City ft RAHH - Heartless

1:57:00 Local Dialect - Poseidon (Gorgon City Remix)

2:00:40 Gorgon City - Roped In

2:05:35 Gorgon City - Tell Me It's True

2:12:54 Gorgon City ft Katy Menditta - Imagination

w/ Adapter - Pattak

2:16:43 Gorgon City & Drama - Nobody

2:21:26 Gorgon City ft MNEK - Ready For Your Love

2:26:07 Gorgon City ft Vaults - All Four Walls

Gorgon City

Gorgon City's latest performance at New York's Brooklyn Mirage was an exciting mix of old favorites, fresh releases, and stunning graphics. This otherworldly performance, balancing high-energy anthems with intimate, ethereal compositions, established a new benchmark for electronic music concerts.


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